Descendants List


This page contains many of the descendants that were members of the 100th OVI. In collecting the information on the 100th, it amazes me how many people have interest in the 100th. If you would like to be added to the list you can e-mail. We would love to add you, information on this regiment has not been easy to find, as I am sure you are aware. I do have access to a lot more material but due to lack of time and space, I have condensed it. If you have any questions please contact anyone on this list, they would be glad to help.

For those of you that have contacted myself prior to this web site, I have listed your ancestor. Please contact me with your address so it can be posted. Also if your address changes please contact me.


Company D


Any info pertaining to the action around the Cheney Farm near Marietta Ga. Mike Spence


Dr. Robert Johnston

Company A

Capt. Thomas Mawer

Elisha Prescott
John Prescott
Joseph Henry Shertzer
Thomas Hartshorn
Albert Rosencrantz
George Rosencrantz
Hiram Charles
Dunham Simmons

Company B

Capt. Henry Taylor
Isaac Shook
James Murray
Milton Atkinson
Garrett Salisbury
John J Faulkinghor
John Siford
Henry Friday
Joseph Grimm
Joseph Domer
Joshua Domer
Isaac Howe
Montcalm Armstrong
William Myrice
Daniel Hess
Samuel Elarton
Henry Snyder
William Kaufman
Benjamin Haynes  Kym Lucas

Company C

Henry Woodworth
John and George Bostater
Horatio Tawney
Benjamin Smith and and
Hugh Traxler and ( Benjamin Smith's brother in law )
Samuel Traxler
Ross Moss
George Miller
George Hart
Stuart Shorthill
William Staugh
George Ely
James Uriah Blue
Lewis Deweese Blue
John William Davis
Abe Breechbill
William Wheeler
John Fulmer
Valmore Lambert
John Obee
Henry Obee
Solomon Deamer
Jacob Schmidt
John Barringer
Frederick Wiler

Company E

Louis Poierier
Charles Petee
John A Boston

Company F

Chistian Disher Ron Disher 10919 Bailey Rd. Waterville,OH 43566
Francis Mitchell
Jackson Sager
George Morris
William H. Pemberton
Samuel Gestwite
McConnell Miller
Basil Trombla (Trombly)
Ranatus Heller
Joseph LaPoint
Stephen McNutt

Company G

Andrew Widmer
Joseph Widmer and
John Kern
Sgt. William Pickard
Francis Bovia
George L. Leech

Company H

Addison Crew
Micajah Crew
Benjamin Crew Photo of Crews`crewos
Benjamin Pelton
James Wilson Baxter 02
David McLaughlin
Rezin Combs
George Vrooman

Company I

Peter Robinson
Samuel Shisler
John Riblet
Isaac McCalla
Joseph Boney
Joseph Reeb
Oliver Applegate
Samuel McClure
George Miller
Henry Kritzinger and
John Sines
Leroy Douglass

Company K

John Surbeck
Phillip Lutes
John Fleagle
Daniel Carnicom