Capt Lawrence B. Smith resigned 11/27/62, disability

John Palmer resigned 3/17/63

Emmett Losure* died 1/12/64 in Knoxville, small pox

Edwin Stewart

Albert B. Smith promoted to Major

1st Lt John J. Hine

1st Sgt Jacob Ely

Sgt William Weir*

Alvin Mallory

David Kesler

Oscar Tayer

David Donahoe

J Neal McMinnis

Corp Issac Smith*

James Stutesman

Erastus Briggs

George Vrooman*

Leonard Harland

Elias Sellers

John Corbitt*

Silas Fausey

Amzy Stiles

George Miller

Manasseh Phillips

Henry Beaver

Musician Henry Young

Wagoner Thomas Case*


Abbott	 Soloman
Agle	 John
Baker	 Alexander
Barnes	 Oliver
Baxter*	 James
Bayes*	 Campbell
Black	 Benjamin
Booream	 David
Borden	 Allen
Bowerman Silas
Bradley	 Anderson
Bradley	 Phineas
Braas	 Josiah
Cadrick* Dusign
Cameron	 Alexander
Cataract Tousant
Collins	 Carroll
Collins* Jacob
Crew	 Benjamin
Crew*	 Addison
Crew*	 Micajah
Dee*	 Orson
Dodge	 Davis
Earl*	 Harper
Elliott	 Simeon
Ely	 Daniel
Fausey	 William
Foster	 Robert
Gambell	 Newton
Gardner	 Champlain
Grosuch	 Mordecai
Grove	 John
Grove	 William
Haines	 George
Harlan*	 George
Harrington*  Henry
Hartsell Abram
Hatfield Martin
Heckman	 Franklin
Hodges	 James
Herrick	 George
Hess	 Thomas
Holland	 John
Huth	 Leonard
Jones	 Charles
Kellogg	 Benjamin
Lumbert	 David
Lumbert	 Jabez
McFarlinge  Charles
Mclaughlin* David
Markley	 Martin
Masters* Orlan
Metts	 Isaac
Miley*	 Jesse
Miller	 Joseph
Miller	 Mathias
Moore*	 Phillip
Olds	 Wilson
Ostrander Ezra
Page	 Noble
Parker	 Julius
Pelton	 Benjamin
Pelton	 Jesse
Pelton	 William
Percy	 Alexander
Persons	 George
Pierson	 Alexander
Raker*	 John
Randall* Harrison
Reece	 John
Robinson Issac
Ross	 James
Russell	 Wolcot
Shadle	 Allen
Sigsby	 John
Smith	 Isaac
Smtih	 Robert
Stair*	 John
Stanbarger Daniel
Stoddard William
Thomas	 Jasper
Treman*	 John
Walter	 Sylvanius
Warren	 Samuel
Watrows	 Edwin
Weeks	 Jonas
Wilcox	 Horace
Woolace	 Franklin
Wortman	 George
Zeigler	 George

James Baxter

James was born Aug. 21, 1843 and died Sept. 13 1866 and is buried in Fayette, Ohio.He probably died from an illness contracted during the war. James spent much of his time in service at various hospitals. His military record describes him as 19 years old 5'9" , light complexion, light hair and grey eyes. On May 31, 1864 he was on the list of men who deserted from Camp Chase during the month of May. James was one of those taken at Limestone and sent to Belle Isle. He was paroled on March 14, 1864 listed as returned to company. He was listed as absent without leave in March and April, then listed as deserted from Camp Chase in May. Apparently he went home before returning to his company. James' medical record was extensive rheumatism, chronic diarrhea, sprained ankle and a puncture wound in the back. James entered the Preparatory School at Oberlin from 1861 to 1862 and 1865 to 1866. His goal fo becoming more than a soldier died with him only one year after the end of the war.

Thanks to Sherry Hewitt for adding James' photo and bio