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Groom John C Col. 28 Resigned May 13, 1863, also Major 6/62 to 9/62 in 84th Ohio.
Slevin Patrick S Col. 46 Promoted to Col. May 13, 1863. Wounded 8/6/64 in battle of Utoy Creek. Discharged 11/30/64 on disability.Brevet Brig. Gen.
Hayes Edwin S Col. 34 Promoted to LT Col. May 13, 1863. to Col. 1/12/65. Brevet Brig. Gen. 1/12/65. Resigned 5/12/65. Captured Limestone, TN 9/8/63. Also Captain in 44th Ill.
Rundell Frank Lt. Col. 30 Promoted from Capt. Co.G to Major 1/2/65; to Lt. Col.
Shannon John Major 34 Promoted from Co. A 5/13/63 Lt. Col. 1st US Colored Heavy Artillery 5/11/64 resigned 5/13/65 as Col.
Collamore George Surgeon 28 Regimental surgeon promoted to Division Surgeon
Thacker William Asst. Surg. 22 Out on Disability 10/1/63
Johnston Robert Asst. Surg. 27 Captured Limestone, TN 9/8/63.
Pier Oliver Adjutant 35 Discharged 3/5/63
Waite Norman Adjutant 27 Promoted to Major 189th Ohio. Captured Limestone, TN 9/8/63.
Graff Augustus Adjutant 21 Appointed from 1st. Lieut. Co. G March 10, 1865.
Austin David R R.Q.M. Appointed 1st. Lieut. and Reg. Quartermaster Aug. 16, 1862 resigned May 29, 1863.
Titus Henry RQM 21 Promoted to 1st Lieut. and Reg. Quartermaster July 1, 1863.
Griffin Leonard Chaplin Resigned March 1, 1864.
Russell Orlando Ser. Maj. 20 Promoted from pvt. Co. A to 2nd Lieut. Co. D March 13, 1863.
Hayes Orlin S Ser. Maj. 20 Promoted from Sergeant Co. E June 1863, to 1st Lieut. and Adjutant 128th OVI Dec. 22, 1863.
Herb Daniel S Ser.Maj. 28 Promoted from Sergeant Co. I Dec. 25, 1863; died April 9, 1865 at Baltimore , Md. of wounds rec. in action
Stone John W Ser.Maj. 21 Appointed from Corpl. Co. K April 10, 1865.
Hardy Silas A. QMS 22 Promoted from Pvt. Co. I Aug. 12, 1863.
Post John W. Com. Ser. 22 Appointed Sept. 1, 1862: Transfered to 15th Reg. Vet. Reserve Corps.
Ritch James H. Com. Ser. 19 Promoted from Corpl. Co. E Jan. 27, 1863.
Omo Joseph H. Hos. St. 29 mustered out at Knoxville, Tn. May 10, 1865 by order of war dept.
Coon Elisha T. Hos. St. 32 Promoted from Co. B
Marts Jacob Prin. Mus.. 38 Discharged May 16, 1863, at Mt. Vernon, Ky.
Fairback Daniel A. Prin. Mus. 47 Discharged May 11, 1863. at Mt. Vernon, Ky

Col. Patrick SlevinHe was born in Donegal, Ireland, his family moved to Gettysburg in the 1850's. He then moved to Defiance, Oh to start a law pratice. He raised Company D out of Defiance Co. and took them to Toledo. He was promoted to Colonel and took over the regiment after Hayes was captured at Limestone, TN. He leads his men on the charge at Utoy Creek and is severely wounded, in the hip and the wrist, losing 3 inches of bone, his arm would be useless the rest of his life. He mustered out on Surgeon's Disability on November 30, 1864 and returned to Toledo.

Col. Edwin Lewis Hayes was appointed Major of the 100th Ohio in July of 1862. He formerly served with the 44th Illinois. He was captured at Limestone Station leading his men. Some reports stated " he torn away his shoulder straps grabbed a musket and fought like a lion". He was taken to Libby Prison and was involved with the escape through the tunnel in March of 1864. He was recaptured and sent back to Libby Prison. He was then transerred South to Charleston and is put upon a barge to prevent the Federals from bombing the Confederate positions in the harbor. He was released and recieved a 30 day furlough, he spoke in Toledo and returned to the regiment just before the Battle fo Franklin. He held the 100th together in their worst day of fighting of the war at Franklin. After several attempts to resign, it was finally accepted in January of 1865 and was breveted Brigadier General. He stayed on in North Carolina as Military Governer through June.

Dr.George Collamore A highly respected doctor of the time. He graduated from Dartmouth College in 1854 with honors, then turned to teaching in 1854. He then graduated from Harvard Medical College in 1859 and was instructed by Oliver Wendell Holmes. He joined the 100th OVI from Toledo in 1861. He served as Division Surgeon and on the 23 Corps Medical Staff. I have 40 pages of letters he wrote to his soon to bo wife Sarah from Feb. 1865 to July 1865.