100th News

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In the Spring of 2015 the State of Tennessee and Knoxville will be holding signature events. These will be put together by the East Tennessee Historical Society. I will be receiving more information soon. I will post it as soon as I can.

Battle of Franklin Descendants Reunion 2014

Anyone interested in attending the reunion of the battle the following link will give you all of the information you need to get started. If you are unable to attend, check out the Descendant Information Form and submit your ancestor to the list. We can use all of the 100th support we can.

Below is a photo of the restored 100ths Regimental Colors at the Ohio Historical Society.


New Soldiers

Date Soldier Descendant
2014 Stephen McNutt Co. F Roxanne Wright
George W. Ely Co. C Jeff Ely
Joseph LaPoint Co. F Christine Schmidutz
Henry Snyder Co. B Ryan G.
William Kaufman Co. B Chris K.
Conrad Smith Co. A Matthew Hunter

This site is dedicated to Andrew and Joseph Widmer Co. G. 100 OVI and Andrew's granddaughter, my grandmother, Marjorie (Widmer) Mayo, who passed away 5/28/2001..

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