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To the Memory of Those Men on Both Sides That Fought and Died at Limestone Station, Tennessee. September 8, 1863.

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The Franklin Battlefield dedicated the 3 of the four replica cannons from the 1st Kentucky Light Artillery that displaced two companies, A and B, from the main line before the battle. They have done a fantastic job with reclaiming the ground where the 100th fought and where the cotton gin is. I was able to visit the battlefield once again and was amazed at what I saw, the battle line is impressive and worth a visit for sure. Visit the link for the article on the dedication. https://brentwoodhomepage.com/union-cannons-dedicated-at-carter-hill-battlefield-park-friday

Battle of Franklin

Anyone interested in attending the reunion of the battle the following link will give you all of the information you need to get started. If you are unable to attend, check out the Descendant Information Form and submit your ancestor to the list. We can use all of the 100th support we can. The reunion happens every October and its quite a program. 

Below is a photo of the restored 100ths Regimental Colors at the Ohio Historical Society.


New Soldiers

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