Military and Pension Records

Below is a list of the pension records I have and I can help with any specific information that is needed.

Brv. Brig. General Patrick Slevin (Both) Brv. Brig. General Edwin Hayes (Both) Col. John C. Groom (Military) Col. John Shannon (MIlitary) Lt. John Jaquett Military) QuarterMaster Lt. Henry Titus (Military) Sgt. Delayvan Streeter (Military) Sgt. Hiram Charles (Military) Corpl. Robert Navarre (Military) Corpl. Andrew Brownsberger (Both) Pvt. Andrew Widmer (Both) Pvt. William Gambee (Both) Pvt. Milton Atkinson (Both) Pvt. John J Faulkinger (Both) Pvt. Henry Friday (Military) Pvt. Garrett Saulsberry (ancestor) (Military) Pvt. Orlan Masters (Both) Pvt. Rudolphus Kepfer (Both) Pvt. William Metcalf (Both) Pvt. Lewis McCrory (Both) Pvt. Daniel Haly (ancestor) (Military) Pvt. Joseph Siford (ancestor) (Military)