The 100th Ohio had reunions from 1878 though 1923. The old soldiers would get together to relive old memories and to make sure their own were getting along ok. Below is a list of the reunions I have found to date.

1875 Defiance, Oh 8/6
1876 Perrysburg, Oh 8/6 Gen. Cox spoke at reunion
1877 Wauseon, Oh 8/6
1878 Napoleon, Oh     
1879 Maumee, Oh 8/26                                  
1880 Napoleon,Oh 8/26                               
1882 Wauseon, Oh 8/26                                           
1883 Bryan, Oh (excerpts)                        
1884 Antwerp, Oh 9/3                                
1885 Genoa, Oh 9/2                            
1886 Toledo, Oh (Roster)                        
1887 Bowling Green, Oh (Roster)                 
1888 Toledo, Oh 9/5                                            
1889 Perrysburg, Oh             
1890 Bryan,Oh (Roster)                               
1891 Paulding, Oh 9/3                             
1892 Fremont, Oh 9/7
1893 Toledo, Oh        
1894 Defiance, Oh           
1895 Toledo, Oh 8/6                                           
1896 Whitehouse, Oh 8/6                        
1897 Toledo, Oh 8/6                                            
1899 Monclova, Oh 8/8                                             
1902 Toledo, Oh 9/24
1904 Toledo, Oh 9/28
1905 Toledo, Oh 
1907 Elmore, Oh 9/23
1908 Toledo, Oh 9/1  
1911 Toledo, Oh 9/27      
1912 Toledo,Oh 9/4       
1913 Toledo, Oh 9/3
1914 Toledo, Oh 9/16
1915 Toledo, Oh 9/15   
1919 Toledo,Oh
1922 Toledo, Oh 9/20
1923 Toledo, Oh Blade Photo of 27 of the 175 that were left in 100th. 
1924 Toledo, Oh 9/3

The 1879 Reunion held in South Toledo.

On Tuesday the surviving members of the gallant 100th O.V.I. held their annual reunion at South Toledo and revived the friendships and the trials of former days. Gen. Patrick Slevin was chosen chairman of the meeting and Hiram Charles secretary. The members in attendance from Wood County speak in the kindest terms of the handsome reception given them by the citizens of South Toledo. We take from the Bee the following brief report of the proceedings.

The citizens of Toledo gave the gallant veterans a most cordial greeting. They were finely welcomed in an appropriate address by Mr. August Eckert, which was the most fittingly responded to by the beloved Colonel of the regiment, General Patrick Slevin, of this city. A bounteous collation was then spread in the Grove, to which ample justice was done, after which the following officers were elected for the ensuing year.

Capt. Edwin Stewart; Vice President, Sgt. Alfred Hill; Corresponding Secretary, John Fowler; Secretary, Andrew Munn; Treasurer, Gen. Patrick Slevin. The following resolution was then adopted: Resolved- That having just partaken of the bounteous and excellent repast provided for us by the citizens of South Toledo, and having met them in social intercourse and shaken their friendly hands and looked into their honest and hospitable eyes, and listened to the excellent and inspiring music of their band, we hereby assure them that we fully appreciate their kindness and tender them our thanks and will treasure them and their friendly acts of in our memories. Brief address were made by Col. John A. Shannon, of Bowling Green; Colonel Baker, of Waueson; Capt. Stewart, of Toledo, and others. The following members answered to the roll-call:

William Pemberton
Alfred Hill
Andrew Munn
Carlo Call 
John Obee
Columbus Hum
A J Mason
Benjamin Crew
Col. Albert Smith
Robert Holt
George Gallant
Edward Harris
McConnel Miller
John Zuber
Capt. Edwin Stewart
Albert Dean
David Creps
Dominic Laflore
Luman Van Tassel
Elisha Coon
William Chadwick
William Wakefield
Basil Trombla
David Gundy
Hiram Charles
Martin Davenport
Andrew Shinkey
Rufus Scott
Lyman Phillips
Jeramiah Bowers
Isiah Eckert
Jonathon Winters
Gen. Patrick Slevin
Col. John Shannon
Israel Cramer
Thomas Bates
John Robinson
John Holt
George Rosencrantz
Albert Rosencrantz
Silas Hardy
Phillip Mohr
Noah Burdo
Joseph Lapoint
William Perrin
Joseph Shertzer
Col. E. L. Barber ( Former Capt. Co. H 14th, then Major of 38th Ohio)
Jacob Stewart
William Lose
Samuel Redman
William Pelkey
John Farmer

Parts taken from the Perrysburg, Ohio newspaper


Wednesday dawned bright and clear for the reunion of the gallant 100th O.V.V.I., which took place here on that day. The veterans began gathering early at Blank's Hall which was made headquarters that forenoon. At 11:30 the regiment turned out headed by the K. of P. band and marched to the train to meet those coming in on the railway.

They then returned to the hall, where they were called to order by President Thomas Mawer of Tontogany, and they proceeded to the transaction of business. The sum of $50.00 was raised to complete the erection of a memorial tablet in Memorial Hall, Toledo. Toledo was selected as the next place of the meeting.

The election of officers for the ensuing year, resulted as follows: President Gen. Slevin, 1st. VP- Capt. Green of Charlotte, Mich., 2nd VP- Col. Frank Rundell, of Genoa, Secretary- Hiram Charles of Perrysburg, Asst. Secretary- A. W. King of Defiance, Treasurer- George Vrooman of Toledo. The regiment and others then marched to the fair grounds and proceeded to demolish the good dinner provided by the ladies of the Baptist Church. The speaking was done in the grand stand where the meeting was called to order by the President about 3:00. Mayor B.L. Abbott delivered an address of welcome to the veterans which was responded to by Gen. Slevin of Toledo. The General referred to the fact that Bowling Green had already taken care of soldiers meetings and said that usually there was but little left after two parties of soldiers foraging in one place but that this was certainly the exception to the rule for the 100th had found plenty. The Generals remarks were listened to closely and cheered to the echo. One of the speakers on the program having failed to show up, as usual John Canary was called upon and right well did he fill the breech. John can always be depended upon to make an excellent speech anywhere, and especially when called upon to talk to his old friends- the soldiers. His references to Gen. Slevin were heartily cheered and showed the warm place, the General occupied in the hearts of those present. After the close of his remarks, a number of short speeches were made by the comrades of the regiment and others and then the meeting adjourned. The music was furnished by K. and P. band and was highly appreciated by all present. The following names are of those who were present.

Co. A:

Hiram Charles, Albert Rosencrantz, Phillip Wallace, M. Davenport, William Walker, Z. Keller, J. W Bortel, Joseph Shertzer, Robert Householder, Davis Gundy, John Johnson, Charles Clough, Thomas Hartshorn, James Ordway, George Keller, William Shadwick, John Elliott, Luman Van Tassel, Thomas Mawer, William Shepler, Andrew Munn, Joseph Klopfenstein, William Wakefield, J. Mason, Adam Schelles, John Kither, James Holmes, William Hineline, Joseph Eberly, Melville Abbott,

Co. B

J. Grim, Levi Dresbach, John Rickard, Gideon Hollopeter, L. Hartley, J. B. Wilson, Daniel Hess, E. Dawson, William Thropp, H. Snyder, William Morehead,

Co. C

Levi Spangler, William Stough, Edward Tule,

Co. D

Samuel Logan, John Davis, Frank Duck, Soloman Deamer, John Houtz, George Woodward, Uriah Shasteen, John Poorman, J. W. Myers, A.W. King,

Co. F

William Lose, Noah Burdo, William Black, John Farner, J. Stewart, Samuel Heffelbower, John Brown, Burt Dean, William P. Holt, Thomas Bates, William Jay, Rufus C. Scott, William Pelkie, Joseph Lapoint, John Eckert,

Co. G

Fred Amish, William Cowles, Henry Hammond, John Burley, Andrew Widmer, Charles Houtz, Joseph Long, Elihu Lacy, Thomas Easterbrook, Albert Clemons,

Co. H

Capt. John Palmer, Micajah Crew, Benjamin Crew, J. Wiley, George Vrooman,

Co. K

Capt. Joshua. H. Green, Cyrus Call, Carlo Call, Samuel Binkley, Charles Jones, Taylor Fuller, Zeno Brush, C. F. Hessman, Henry Lantz, George Fowler, E. Dunning, Charles Bennett,


September 3, 1890 was the reunion of the 100th Ohio in Bryan, Ohio. It was at this time the aging soldiers were to shake hands with there old friends once again. Below are the names of those men that came together on that day.

Co. A

Capt. John Shannon Hiram Charles, James Holmes, Joseph Klopfenstein, David Grundy, William Walker, Samuel Shrover, John Johnston,

Co. B

Lewis Hartley, Daniel Harley, Gideon Hollopeter, Levi Dresback, Nicholas Barnhart, Joseph Grimm

Co. C

W.J. Connell, E.T. Tule, John Bohner, J.A. Bradrock, Capt. George Rings, M.H. Doty, J.C. Strock, George Hart, William Davidson, Wahsington Warwick, David Burns, Willard Combs, Webster Bailey, John Kinney, W.K. Copeland, John Huyck, George Bostater, W. E. Stough, Samuel Crawford, J.W. Kinnerman, John Bostater, Justice Munson, Rezin Combs, Adam Amsbaugh, Marion Spangler, Richard Smith

Co. D

William Shultz, Lt. James Blue, Andrew Minsel, Albert King, John Hontz, Lyman Critchfield, John Myers, Samuel Logan, John Davis, Abraham Breechbill, Isadore Alringer, Uriah Shasten, Uriah Hosack, Aaron Hopkins, William Hilbert, Ephraim Dutter, John Buchen, Martin Newhausel, George Woodward

Co. E

George Griffin, Ira Beverly, Levi Lenardson, William James, Conrad Fulmer

Co. F

Albert Dean, John Holt, Rufus Scott, Jacob Switzer, William Lose, William Black, Jacob Stewart, David Crepps, Ben Shultz, Alfred Hill, George Sangston, William Jay

Co. H

Oliver Barnes, Alexander Cameron, John Hine, Jesse Miller, Benjiman Crew, Franklin Heckman, Henry Beaver, Geroge Vrooman, Campbell Bayes

Co. I

Capt. Dennison Hughes, Newton Perry, George Brush, Andrew Munger, George Champion, George Barnes, Oliver Applegate, John Zuber, Francis Zuber, Uriah Rogers, Permenous Harris, Cyrenus Fisher, Joseph Reed, Robert Champion, Joshua Coby, Charles Ashton, Peter Kemler, George Good, Joseph Copeland, Samuel Shisler, Henry Kretzinger, Peter Robinson, Moses Haver, Edwin Harris

Co. K

William Havice, Charles Burnett, Cyrus Call, Henry Adams, Thomas McCreary, Henry Lance

Some Notes on the reunion:

The 100th carried one of its old battle scarred flags. It's members will remember that at Franklin, while the rebels were making a desperate charge, Sgt. Baldwin was mortally wounded, and to save the flag wrapped its folds about him with his failing grasp, fell back and expired. Stains made by his blood can be plainly seen. But he saved the flag. Such incidents rehearsed now are peculiarly affecting.

At Two o'clock yesterday afternoon, as he was going up the stairs to the G.A.R. Hall with comrades to attend the business meeting, Cy Fisher, Co. I, fell backwards, striking his head against the stairs, and tumbling to the foot of the steps. He was taken to the Park House, and received medical attention. The boys of the 100th carried two flags of the regiment that were presented to them by the ladies of Toledo, in 1864. The old banner tells an eloquent story of where they have been and what they have been through. Tattered and full of bullet holes, they bear evidence of the fierce battle and deadly carnage.

Mr. Nelson made the address at the armory, which was responded to by Gen. Slevin and Rev. Poucher. Mrs. Bentley recited an appropriate piece with telling effect. The next reunion of the 100th will be held at Paulding on the first Wednesday in September 1891. Sgt. Hill exhibited a cane which was cut from the northeast corner of the blockhouse at Limestone Station, where a detachment of the 100th was captured. It was given to him by a boy, whose suffering on account of his loyalty were recounted by the sergeant.

The above taken from the Bryan Press 1890.

Monclova, Ohio 1899 (from Toledo Blade 8/10/99)

75 GAR left for Monclova. Electric cars carried the men to Maumee, from there they were driven in wagons and other vehicles to the reunion.

Reunion held in Elmore, Ohio 9/25/07

The reunion was held at the Methodist Church in which 85 veterans attended and totaled 125 with family members. Most notable were Mrs. Groom (wife of the late Col.) as did George Gallant, Andrew Weis, Joseph and Andrew Widmer. Elections were held with William Schultz as President and William King, Secretary and Treasurer.

Also from Elmore, from the Toledo Blade


Widows of former Colonels Honored at Elmore

The 100th OVI held its annual reunion here yesterday. About 150 were present. Over 300 of the this regiment were under 20 years at the time of enlistment. Judge Henry Hammond, of Graytown president of the reunion; Mr. Stough of Bryan, added much entertainment with his magnificent voice, in army songs. Judge David R. Austin, of Toledo made a fine talk. Mrs. Groom, of Columbus past eighty-two years of age, widow of the first colonel and Mrs. Rundell were honored with chairs on the top platform. The ladies of the M. E. Church served dinner and supper. The next reunion will be held in Toledo, Oh.

1912 Toledo, Oh After the Old Flag (from the Toledo Blade)

Memebers of Gen. Slevin's Regiment will march next year

The next annual reunion of Gen. Slevin's old regiment, the 100th OVI will be held at Toledo Memorial Hall next September. A feature will be a parade or surviving memebers headed by the regiment of the bugle corps with the flag carried through the war at the head of the regiment. Only 95 of the surviving members answered the roll call yesterday. After the addresses by Mayor Finck adn Judge David R. Austin and D. H. Commager the following officers were elected: Pres. Levi Leonardson, Adrian, Mi; Chaplin William Stough Bryan; Secretary, W. S. Schultz, Defiance; Asst. Sec. George Vrooman Toledo; Treasurer Albert King, Defiance. At the close of the reunion many of the visitors went to Delta to take part in memeorial exercises.