100th Roster Page

The companies listed have each company's officers and enlisted men, that were soldiers in the 100th OVI. Please be aware that the spellings included in this listing are the actual spelling in Official Roster. Many of the spellings changed over the years or were misspelled upon enlistment. My ancestor's name was spelled 4 different ways in the regimental roll call book. These items include: name, age, rank kia, wounded, captured, escapes, returns, muster out dates, burial places, any items that may have turned up. The facts included are gathered from many sources. This project is an ongoing one and I am updating regularly. For those that have ancestors that submitted bios they will be indicated with a link on their name. I have also added bio's from my research that have no ancestor contact.

I have been collecting photos of the grave sites of all the men that were in the 100th. The men with an asterisk next to their name, their gravestones have been photographed or their graves have been located. I would be happy to send a copy or email a scan of the photo.

This is the way the regiment lined up by company everyday and in battle. This also is the Armies way of forming a regiment, I have not found any documents yet that tell us who was where after Limestone Station, I am sure it looked quite different.

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